Simple App Blueprint – Mobile App Product For Apple And Android App!

Don’t believe me?

I think this fact is going to surprise you…

Google, the huge internet-based company, purchased Motorola Mobility for a total of $12.5 billion to gain its mobile technology.

Now, just think – why would Google spend that kind of money if it doesn?t have the intention of taking its business into the mobile world?

Let?s examine again… Google, by far, is the biggest internet marketing company today. They are what all other internet marketing aspire to be and copy all the time. Their practices are considered the “law” on the internet.

So if Google is diversifying and moving onto an increasingly mobile platform, you can bet that there is a shift going on in the way people relate to the internet.

These are just some of the shifts that are happening on the internet.

I could go on and on…

Believe me. I have been doing internet marketing for a long time. When you have been around for as long as I have, you start to notice the changes in trends and know how to take advantage of them.

For the internet, blink and you?ll miss it. Just to reassure you that my advice could be true…

My latest book, Clicking Cash, was co-authored with New York Times bestselling author, Robert Allen, who himself has written other
#1 best-selling books like Cracking The Millionaire Code, Multiple Streams Of Income, One Minute Millionaire and Cash In A Flash.

Clicking Cash received testimonials from internet millionaires, including a billionaire.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m only telling you all this to let you know that I’m not just a new kid on the block; to assure you that I’m real.

Too many people have already been lied to with those “push button systems.” It’s really sad that there are marketers who will hire actors and create surfers, drivers, rat race employees and other characters to push their “systems.” The truth is they can’t use their real names because they either don’t have any credibility, proof or are just afraid that they’ll be caught.

We started out created apps for Facebook fan pages. PagePressApp is being used by users from 133 countries and powers more than 30,000 fanpages today. It has also been featured on:

Therefore, I know that there is definitely a market for apps. With the growth of mobile marketing, that market is bigger than ever.

What I’m going to show you as a simpler way to make money online. Forget about internet marketing. It’s too much pain to go through that route – I have a faster solution for you to create auto-pilot income.

So what are apps?

They are a piece of software that you install on your iPhone or smartphone that handles a specific function; common app functions include: mathematical calculations, taking notes, provide stock updates, playing music, edit photos and even games.

But I don’t want to talk about all those apps right now because they are way too complicated to get started with for non-technical people like you and me. Instead, I want to talk about an app that everybody can create…

The type of app that I want to share with you is a “Simple App.” These are basically apps that have content for users to consume. Another name for it would be “content app.”

So what can you put inside a content app?

If you look carefully, you will notice that many of above features encourage your users to come back and use your app repeatedly – and that is where the money comes in!

…or know about programming to get started.

You just need to be an entrepreneur — the guy or gal who makes money by giving the market what it wants.

All you need is a simple idea for a content app, an idea for something that the market is looking for.

It can be any topic that you like.

There are hundreds of millions of smartphone users out there today, not to mention that there are going to be MORE smartphone users than computer users by next year.

There are many ways to monetize an app – even if you give it away for FREE. Here are two of my favorites:

Just think – It is so MUCH EASIER to make money this way. Instead of trying to sell *something* to make money, all you need to do is to give your apps away for free to earn money!

In fact, you can promote any product you want inside the app — your own products or even affiliate programs! While many affiliate marketers are fighting with each other on the Internet, I’ve been quietly milking affiliate commission from the mobile market.

Just like Kindle eBooks, you can even sell your eBooks within your free app as well! Even if it is just 10 – 20 pages, it can still sell like crazy at $0.99 or even $1.99.

Look — people can easily spend $0.99 or $1.99 without thinking much about it. And because there are currently hundreds of millions of smartphone users, this has allowed ordinary person to make money with a low priced product.

Once You Have Your App, It’s EASY FOR YOU to Start Making Money Online.

You app will be in Apple’s AppStore and Google Play Store where it basically promotes itself. Millions of people search there looking for apps to download, for any topic imaginable.

In fact, all of my own content apps require ZERO promotion!

They are promoting themselves on autopilot and the best part is: I don’t have to handle any customer service. Users download my apps for free. If they don’t like it, they just uninstall. That’s it.

So therefore the question now is…

The apps business is a real business and you can be sure that this is going to be the future.

Imagine having your app to continuously making money for you every day — just think of what you could be doing with all that spare time, and not to mention money.

If you like, you can spend more time pursuing your hobby because at the end of the day, the reason why you want to have a business like this is not about making more money – it’s to allow you to have more time to do what you love to do with your life.

Perhaps you want to take a vacation. Can you remember when the last time you had a vacation without having to worry about how much money you spent?

Maybe you want to live in the house of your dreams.

Or maybe you enjoy teaching and would like to be a speaker. Will making additional income from your apps allow you to become a speaker? And I am not just talking about being a speaker locally — you can speak all over the world.

Would you also like to rub shoulders with celebrities?

But then again, sometimes the greatest joys in life have nothing to do with big houses, vacations around the world or hanging out with beautiful people. It could be as simple as simple as having extra time to spend with your family.

If you have a baby, you may even want to use that additional time to watch your baby grow. Childhood is so precious and yet fleeting — they go by so fast and if you spend all your time working, you are missing out on the most beautiful part of being a parent.

In fact, I would say that my greatest success in life is having a beautiful family.

“The Trouble is There’s a Huge Stumbling Block
in My Path to Start an App Business…”

The mobile app opportunity is huge; it is within your grasp. Who wouldn?t jump at this?

However, it is not available to everybody because of one simple reason (that you may be already thinking to yourself) — “I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER.”

Would you agree with me that in order to create an app, you need to be a programmer?

So the only way around this is to hire a programmer to create the app for you, and that involves a lot of money, probably close to $300 – $500 an app. Let’s face it: when it comes to hiring programmers, you get what you pay for.

But I do not let this little issue stop me. I don’t want to be left behind.

I have been doing internet marketing for the past 10 years and have had my fair share of success, but to grow I need to explore the mobile market.

At this point, I know that I have to get into the app business.

And I believe that if we want an opportunity bad enough, we will find a solution for any problems that arise. So I ask you once again: wouldn’t it be amazing if I could make money from mobile apps without having any programming knowledge at all?

Finally, I Found The Solution…

I pooled my resources and people, stopped doing internet marketing for 3 months to stay focused on mobile marketing and work on a software platform that can create apps that ordinary people like me can use. And before long I created my apps and started getting thousands of downloads.

Today, you’ll be glad to know that without being a programmer, *anyone* is now able to create an app in as little as one day!

Not only have I come up with the software platform to create mobile apps, I’ve also taken the painstaking time to unlock the secrets of promoting apps and making money from them. That’s what you’ll discover in The Simple App Blueprint which includes the 3 components below…

In this first component, you?ll get access to the step-by-step video training of how to get started making money from simple apps. With this system…

Here are the 4 steps…

Step #1: Choosing your app’s niche market.
In this chapter, I’ll share with you how to decide of what niche you should get in.

Step #2: Choosing your app type.
I’ll share with you what kind of pages and features you can add inside the app and where to get your content for it.

Step #3: Add monetization.
This will probably be your favorite chapter because I’m going to teach you how to monetize income from your app!

Step #4: Promoting your app.
Want to know a secret? I get new users to install my apps everyday on auto-pilot for free and this is how I’m able to generate passive income. I’ll share with you my promotion secret in step #4.

I’m not a programmer, so obviously it’s impossible for me to create apps on my own.

However, I don’t need to be one at all with my app creator software platform. The coolest part is: even a newbie can use this to churn out an app quickly — for both Apple and Android apps!

Here’s an example of app created with this cutting-edge software:

The truth is: one of the biggest worries with app marketing is about getting the apps approved in the marketplace. My app example above is your solid proof that an app created using this software can be approved and listed in both the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Choose your features and add your content — you will have an app created before your eyes. Some key points you may want to know…

The software is built with an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need technical know-how to use the software.It includes beautifully designed templates that are optimized and ready for you to use right away to create your app. This way, you don’t need to be a designer because the software has already included graphics and templates that you can use for free.It comes with multiple navigation options which allows for more flexibility in determining how your app looks like.MANY FEATURES! Other than adding content to your app, you can also add features like a calendar, audio player, PDF eBook, voice recorder, map, picture gallery, notes, social media, all kinds of HTML pages, In App purchase options, push notifications, RSS feeds, quiz, tell-a-friend and many more!

Do not mistake this software for those made by freelancers you’ve seen on freelance sites – it is absolutely not that. If you’re to develop a robust software platform like this, expect to spend at least $50,000 and hire a team of professional full-time programmers.

To use this platform, it’ll cost a one-time $99 setup fee and $30 monthly maintenance and hosting fee per app. However, as a special arrangement for getting the Simple App Blueprint today, I’ll waive the $99 setup fee for you. On top of that, I’ll also waive 6 months of the monthly fee! This means you have a savings of $279 right away — you’ll automatically get a free app license when you grab a copy of Simple App Blueprint!

Seriously, you could be proudly creating an app of your own in less than a week from today! Try it, you’ll be amazed of how easy it is, even for newbies and beginners.

The final component is the App Development Training Guide that will teach you the secrets of creating a simple content app with no experience needed. To be more precise, I’ll share with you exactly how I created mine so that you can clone my app success.

If you follow my strategy and use the same software, you’ll be able to have your own apps inside both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store to start making money as soon as possible.

Originally, sharing this entire system wasn’t part of my plan. It was for my own use. I?ve come up with software that allows me to shave off months of work and save a lot of money when it comes to hiring programmers and designers to develop an app individually. Interestingly, after I started creating the apps, I started to see that the whole process is a system that can be easily duplicated.

I was excited, for myself. But then I realized that there are probably a lot of people out there who also need a software platform like this — something that they can use to churn out app after app within just a few days. And they too want to get started with app business.

So I decided to make it available so that the app opportunity is no longer out of reach for the masses. This is such a huge opportunity, so why should it only be available to a select few just because they know how to program? I think that wasn’t very fair.

With the Simple App Blueprint, not only are you getting access to our software, you’re going to get the exact blueprint I use that has been proven to be profitable. It took me months of hard work and investment to learn all of these and now, it can be yours.

Honestly, I think it’s very reasonable to price this system at an affordable investment of only $197, considering that you’ll have access to an extremely powerful software platform to create apps without spending 50K to develop it.

I’ve also seen competitors charging $97 PER MONTH. However, for just $197 $97 $47, I am going to let you have full access to The Simple App Blueprint today.

I truly want to help you and this is my way of encouraging you to get started immediately.

And when the app starts making money for you during these upcoming months, you can practically cover your investment into the program.

I would encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity today while mobile app is still in its “infancy”. Because once the market is saturated, you will find yourself facing stiff competition from the seasoned app creator to the college student working from his dorm room.

There’s another type of app that I’ve been experimenting with and the good news is, I’m glad to announce that it’s working well — and profitable. I call this, “Book App.” This opportunity is so amazingly hot because there are many users who are now using their iPhones and smartphones as eBook readers. I use them for that too. What you’ll learn inside the Book App Secrets:

In fact, the Book App strategy is so powerful that you can even use it alone to make money with mobile apps.

So let me summarize and review… here’s what you will be getting with your investment of just $47:

1) The Simple App Blueprint
2) The App Creator Software Platform
3) The App Development Training Guide
4) The Book App Secrets eBook

The fact that you decided to read this letter probably means that you know mobile apps is the future and you want a piece of it before it’s “saturated”.

The good news is… knowing the information on this page has already given you the upper hand to get started. It is quite obvious that you’re ready now.

Order Simple App Blueprint now for just a one-time investment of $47 and you will get access to my system — Click the button below to secure your copy instantly:


For the app creator software platform, we usually charge a $99 setup fee and $30 monthly fee for an app. But when you get the Simple App Blueprint, you’ll get a 6 months free app license to create a mobile app. Everybody knows that this itself is already worth the entire $47 investment you?re investing today.

However, if you would like to upgrade for only an additional one-time $12, you can checkout with 2 app licenses today. This will allow you to create 2 apps with our software platform. Let me remind you, competitors are selling between $47 – $97 PER MONTH for an extra app license.

And yes, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee as well for 60 days. So you cannot lose anything but if you don’t upgrade now, you?ll lose out on the savings.

Within minutes of ordering the Simple App Blueprint, you will receive instant access to a password-protected site so you can get started as soon as possible.

I suggest you get started right away. Take the software for a test drive, and I guarantee that you’ll have your first content app set up and ready to deploy by the end of the week.

Your friend,

P.S: Remember, this opportunity is very hot right now because it is not available to a lot of people, yet. But once people start using our software and deploying their apps to the market, you could be facing very stiff competition. Act now while the market is still your personal oyster.

P.P.S: Last but not least, remember, if you’re not 100% convinced that my system will help you get started with mobile apps and make money, then simply tell us and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund –no questions asked — and you may still keep the training at no cost to you. Take advantage of this opportunity immediately while there’s still time. Click here.

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