Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Solution for Your Business

Enterprise Mobility Solution is the collection of people, technology and process in order to manage connectivity options of mobility solutions and software. In the business world, we always want to boost the productivity and at the same time wish to gain an ambitious edge in the global marketplace, to make it happen we need to optimize the use of resources in effective manner and that’s all in what enterprise mobility solutions help us.

These solutions growing very fast across the organizations globally and with the development of smart phones and highly aggressive mobile applications, mobile industry touches new heights every day. Mobile apps are generally designed for shopping, gaming and other activities however there are apps also that people use for their official work. Here are some of the advantages of enterprise mobility solutions that it can bring for your business and why it becomes very popular in today’s economic environment:

• It’s one of the major benefit is that it connects employees from anywhere and hence increase productivity. While you are moving outside the office, it allow to keep you connect with your office work and provide access to various organizational resources.

• These solutions allow employees to work according to their convenience and ensure that they can perform their job smartly and even faster.

• Using mobile apps reduce the cost as it cuts down the cost of other equipments needed to work like marketing and sales. These business apps provides similar functionality and information that cuts the cost and increase productivity.

• It ensures the optimum utilization of resources such as inventory data, customer information and sales & marketing data etc.

• These apps provide centralized way to operate business operations.

• Enterprise mobility solutions help in improving customer relationship and also improve customer satisfaction and support. They provide CRM apps to offer superior customer service and apps that can easily handles customer queries and problems.

• It provides better coordination and better business. Confidential and important information like customer data, mails can easily accessible when required. Exchange of reports and information and data from anywhere allow to make quick decisions and saves lots of time.

• While exchanging the information, ensures its security and avoid data loss and at the same time provide accurate information.

• Create awareness among employees about what is going on in their project team and allow them to make quick and right decision.

• Ensures the availability of centralized communications both the outside and inside the organization including clients, customers, stakeholders and vendors etc.

• In terms of securing the data, it ensures to offer superior data security and also support encryption to secure current information.

InterraIT is a leading Information Technology company since 1996 that delivers innovative business and technology solutions such as Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Company’s operations are spread across 5 countries with a sales network spanning the United States, Canada and UK. Interra IT is the largest Mobile Solution Service privately held offshore consulting company with operations in India.

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A Brief Overview on App Building – Easy to Build App for My Company

As the marketing / PR director for a small, independent music label, I was charged with promoting our artists on a very limited budget. Without any background in the technical aspects of the web, but understanding how digital marketing and social was gaining momentum for bands, I set out looking for an easy to build app for my company. I came across appsbar and have been almost like an evangelist ever since.

Again, I was just looking for an easy to build app for my company but feel like I have found the next big thing. This technology is already having an impact on the music community. Remember how mp3s and things like MySpace empowered independent musicians? The ability to develop a free mobile app will make those things as irreverent as nailing concert posters to telephone poles.
For both budding musicians and established bands, this could signify a dream come true; a quick and efficient way of connecting with an audience who, distanced so far from the compact disc age, may just utilize smartphone apps to bridge the commercial gap created by the brave new world of the digital age.

But before we get into that, let me tell you more about my search for that elusive easy to build app for my company. The web-based tools were clunky, and even the ones that seemed to have potential would send me through a maze of protocols before I could even begin. I even ended up in a service chat, typing over and over “I need to find an easy to build app for my company” to no avail.

When I came across appsbar, the search for the easy to build app for my company was over. Fast, functional, and free. We built an app for the label, an app for each of our three signed artists, and set up the PayPal function to start generating revenue.

For our independent label, the app really became a near perfect complement to YouTube, Myspace and Facebook to promote our music. In some ways it’s the next generation. You can upload your music, videos, photos, tour schedule, create a fan club and have your app featured on iTunes for free. Also, mobile apps allow a richer fuller experience and more interaction with fans than a static webpage, so we’ve really moved to the point that we are empowering our musicians.
The road to that easy to build app for my company ended with a label showcase. Using the collective social networks of our artists, and the network that grew from the social sharing of our app, we were able to drum up enough advanced support to rent out a theater and promote a label showcase featuring our roster.

The night of the event was a huge success, selling out in advance through the mobile app. We were also able to use the app to incentivize those in attendance to purchase downloads, buy merchandise, and spread the word about the event on their networks.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use app building tool for small business we highly recommend you visit appsbar.

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DVD To iPhone Converter

EZuse DVD to iPhone Converter is extremely easy to use DVD to iPhone tool to help you rip DVD to iPhone formats and rip DVD to M4A, AAC, MP3 audio files. If you want to convert only the outstanding part of the DVD, you can preview it with the built-in player and then set up a start time and end time. Then EZuse DVD to iPhone Converter will convert only the customized part not the entire video. Whether you are an experienced user or beginner, the DVD to iPhone converter software will make the task of converting DVD to iPhone video easily. Download and try it now!

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Eztoo DVD To iPhone Converter for MAC

Eztoo DVD To iPhone Converter for mac an apple-pie iPhone video converter. can on Mac convert DVD for iPhone/ iPod, it is powerful easy-to-use DVD conversion software for mac. With DVD To iPhone Converter can rip DVD Movie to iPhone(3G) MP4, MP3 perfectly with DVD To iPhone Converter for MAC. With this DVD to iPhone Converter for Mac, you can rip DVD or convert videos to enjoy your iPhone with ease. Free Download best Eztoo DVD To iPhone for MAC to have a wonderful experience now!Convert DVD to iPhone video format MP4;Preview the files to be converted;DVD subtitle and audio track selection;Flexible video and audio options DVD title or chapter selection

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Digiters DVD to iPhone Converter

Digiters DVD to iPhone Converter is the easiest-to-use and fastest DVD to iPhone converter software for apple iPhone movie and iPhone video. It can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPhone movie/iPhone video format. It is also a powerful DVD to iPhone converter due to the conversion speed is far faster than real-time. And the output iPhone movie/video supports iPhone screen, you can enjoy your favorite DVD on your iPhone as a portable DVD player. Now you can get this DVD to iPhone converter at a very competitive price!

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Digiters DVD + Video to iPhone Converter

Digiters iPhone Video Converter + DVD to iPhone Converter, All-in-One Suite?Digiters DVD to iPhone Video Converter Suite is a One-Click, All-In-One solution to convert DVD to iPhone, Tivo to iPhone, DivX movie to iPhone, Xvid movie to iPhone, MPEG video to iPhone, WMV to iPhone, AVI to iPhone, RealMedia to iPhone, etc. Super fast (up to 4x faster than other solutions) DVD movie conversion in high video quality plus many advanced features give you everything you need to turn iPhone into a portable movie player. Watch iPhone DVD movies, TVs, home videos on the go – a new lifestyle to experience.

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