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Newer technologies contribute to make the app development process easier and simpler. Windows platform offers a dynamic platform to build innovative apps. It provides efficiency, reliability, and scalability to applications and provides the best user- experience.

Mobility offers varied capabilities to make life simpler for the user. Mobility is all the rage in recent times and users of smartphones and tablets cannot carry on their routine activities without their mobile devices. There is a huge plethora of mobile devices available in the market and Windows Phone is equally popular among users.
Introduced by Microsoft, Windows mobile is considered to be a smart choice for users owing to its intuitive user interface and user- friendly features. The new Windows 8 has created a wave of excitement among smartphone users and its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. So also, Windows application development companies have received huge projects for developing innovative apps for the Windows platform.Some of the important factors that facilitate Windows application development are as follows:
The platform offers great simplicity and ease for developing incredible apps. Applications can be made with a variety of programming languages âEUR” C, XAML, C++ and Visual Basic. It provides developers with a variety of options and contributes to easy development of apps. It is possible for developers to create apps with the basic web programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.
The new Windows 8 OS provides improved performance features. It becomes easy for application developers to get details without much hassle. Developing apps for different Windows phone becomes simple and extremely convenient.
Developers can easily test and debug apps with the same applications and emulators without connecting to the actual phone. It involves lesser amount of codes, making the work of developers more convenient. There is a dearth of innovative applications for Windows Phone, which gives developers more scope to build rich and stable apps for the platform.
Windows SDK provides plenty of support as it consists of several APIs and resources files that facilitate development. It doesnâEUR(TM)t require developers to have deep experience to develop apps for this platform.Windows Phone is gaining popularity worldwide and businesses are building apps for this platform to enhance business opportunities and attract more customers. This phone offers a unique user- interface providing the best navigation along with an interesting appearance. Windows app development proves to be cost- effective and highly affordable for organizations and businesses. The platform opens plenty of customization possibilities, which developers can work wonders with. Experienced Windows developers can provide incredible development and build useful apps for this platform.

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Nile Lars is working at Softweb Solutions. Softweb Solutions is a leading Windows Phone Application Development Company. We have a team of expert who can build incredible apps to meet your unique business requirements. For more details on Windows App Development visit our website.

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Android Vs IOS: Who Is the Leading Apps Development Platform?

There’s an ongoing debate in blogosphere regarding who’s the biggest – Android or iOS? Every tidbit of competitive information becomes the source of a whirlwind of further speculation. Android apps development has certainly caught up with Apple’s and today, both have almost the same quantity of third-party programs. Some reports state Apple, with its quality of apps, is slightly ahead while others declare Google to be the king. But it’s childish to have such data obsession, especially in isolation; rather, getting a clearer idea of where the world’s top two mobile operating systems stand with respect to multiple data points will give cynics and level-heads some food for thought. So lets find out who gets to wear the crown in the mobile platform duel.

Which apps platform sells the maximum smartphones?

Android smartphones outsold the iPhone by a considerable margin for the period November 2012 to February 2013: 52 percent against 44 percent. A noteworthy point here is that past studies haven’t been all that conclusive. Earlier last year, the same report showed iOS to be in the lead. It can be safely assumed that the results show a momentary trend rather than a permanent reality.

Comscore also shows sales data to be in Android’s favor which stands at 52 percent compared to iOS’s 38 percent. But these numbers are for the US alone. What about the rest of the world?

Worldwide smartphone sales

Phone companies using Android are selling more units than the Apple iPhone. According to IDC, Android sat pretty with a 70 percent market share whereas the iPhone had a mere 21 percent. That explains the growing number of Android app developers from all corners of the globe, including the likes of 23-year old Mehvish Mushtaq who belongs to Kashmir, and has recently shot into the limelight with an app titled ‘Dial Kashmir’ with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store.

What about tablets?

The shipment data for tablets is hard to unearth compared to phones; here, we have to be content with IDC’s estimates for 2012, which released on December 5. Though 7-inch Android tablets were in demand, eating away into the iPad‘s share, iOS was able to retain top spot in tablet operating systems. The numbers: 54 percent for iOS and 43 percent for Android.

Who is selling more?

Which phone manufacturer is selling more worldwide? IDC picked Samsung, which had a 29 percent stake in smartphone shipments, as the leading manufacturer (unit-wise) in the last quarter of 2012, followed by Apple at 22 percent. Are 800,000 Android apps behind Samsung’s success? That’s a topic better left for another day.

In the US though, iPhone shipments outdid Samsung according to Strategy Analytics. Interestingly, the research firm’s numbers were for “mobile phones”, and hence may take into consideration feature phones in addition to smartphones. Anyways, the competition here was more fierce with Apple and Samsung generating 34 and 32 percent respectively.

With Amazon taking Android app development to a new high by introducing its Appstore to 200 more countries, the war is going to get bloody appealing.

John Murphy is a senior analyst at one of the world’s leading research firms and has been extensively studying the smartphone segment for the last 3 years. He strongly believes that outside the numbers game, it’s the people who are the actual winners with better quality devices and technology at their disposal.

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Tips for Mobile Apps Development

Use of mobile phones increasing very rapidly among users and the best thing that attracts most of the users are its amazing and useful applications. These mobile apps give enough reason to mobile development companies to invest more on the apps. To make it compatible for every age group, proper planning and execution are the important factors to consider. As we know today’s mobile apps store is full of different applications and each one is competing with one another, so in this scenario it becomes difficult to make successful business applications.

Here we discuss some of the tips that may help you in developing successful mobile apps:

• Mobile apps are designed by keeping users requirements in mind. If you are developing an app for professionals, it should manage his work like scheduling meetings and appointments and so on. However if you are developing for kids, it should offer them entertaining environment. Therefore it is essential to develop custom based apps that are compatible for all age group.

• These apps should be user friendly and designed in such a manner that they must serve its purpose. Apart from this provide utmost comfort to the users because complex apps often confuse the users while downloading and using it.

• To ensure high acceptance and make it more popular among users, you need to give first preference to the user requirements and comfort.

• On the other hand it is important to maintain a balance between user needs and your business objectives. For reaching your target market, make ensure to fulfill user needs which in turn meet your business objectives as well because for desirable profit you wouldn’t fail in any one of them.

• Make it simple. Having lots of information on mobile screen even if it is about the apps, may confuse your users. Show appropriate information only and try to balance the important information with the entertaining features.

• Security is another factor which needs careful consideration. While developing mobile apps, developer need to understand the sensitivity of the user data and must ensure the apps would not compromise with the user data in any manner.

• Make your mobile apps more interactive that can entice the interest of maximum people worldwide.

Above are some useful tips for mobile application development but to these type of apps you need a professional mobile apps development company. If you are searching over the web, you will find various companies dealing in the same sector and claims to provide you best. But keep remember that there are very few companies who have desired knowledge and experience in this field. So do your job effectively of searching a good firm and once you find it, make a written document and sign it with the development company and make sure to confirm all information like budget and time in advance to avoid future issues.

InterraIT is a leading Information Technology company since 1996 that delivers innovative business and technology solutions such as Enterprise Mobile Applications. Company’s operations are spread across 5 countries with a sales network spanning the United States, Canada and UK. Interra IT is the Supply Chain Management Services largest privately held offshore consulting company with operations in India.

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Application Development for iPhone Rally a Profit Based Activity

Every gadget, whether its a PDA or a smartphone, runs on software programs and applications. These applications are often updated by their developers so as to make their performance superior and cut short the shortcomings. The iPhone is one of the leading communication gadgets of the century that has completely proved its mettle to the world though its amazing set of integrated features. The gadget also has a facility for third party software installation. So, it could always perform beyond your expectation. How about getting an iPhone to redefine the way you talk? iPhone software applications development companies are there to assist you to help you enjoy more with your iPhone always!

The Apple iPhone is really a nice looking device. With its integrated and installable applications, it becomes the perfect companion for you. With it you can play games, listen to music, clicks images, get updates on weather and news, access the internet and more. Those who used an iPhone, they could surely tell the rest about the edge that they have experienced in their communication habits.

An iPhone application development company needs to be given ten out of ten marks for creating such a large pool of intelligent iPhone apps with SDKs and making it possible for users to be ahead with latest technologies. Such a company boasts of featuring the expert iPhone developers who are all comfortable in developing different types of application as according to the different needs of users. As such, the concept of custom iPhone mobile application development has been made so popular in the scene of late.

If you search the web to find out the available iPhone applications, then you are sure to get hundreds of choices to choose from. In almost all the categories, iPhone applications have been developed and users have also downloaded and enjoyed almost all of them. Courtesy of the mainland as well as offshore iPhone application development firms those have done a terrific job in the third party software development scene. These days, they are more targeting the developing nations as their potential profit grounds. As such, they have also opened up different application development units in these nations.

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iPhone 4 Giving New Avenues and Opportunities for iPhone Applications Development

When Apple first launched the iPhone, a new phase in mobile phone technology was heralded. Since then, many other smartphones have hit the market. And smartphones are now not merely talking devices but also they are functioning as computing devices. And years down the line after iPhone was introduced, this revolutionary device is still the market leader in the smartphone segment. And one of the reasons for the vast popularity of iPhone is the innovative and out-of-the-box applications which festoon this phone. For example, users can connect to the online world with web applications; listen to favorite music, videos with multimedia applications; get some fun and amusement with game applications; get assistance while travelling via maps and GPS; and get health check-ups with various healthcare applications. No wonder an iPhone user loves to remain engaged with these applications much more than talking on his device. And with the launch of iPhone 4, the applications can get even better. iPhone 4 application development is now offered by several by third party iPhone application developers.

IPhone 4 comes with various novel features which include HD Video recording, Maps, HTML 5, Multitasking, Face time, Gyroscope, Retina display, Compass etc. As such this new phone opens many and new avenues and opportunities for iPhone application developers. The iPhone 4 also gives ample room for development of business applications. Various features are available with this phone which can make it a complete business utility phone. And many business applications supporting time management, booking orders, sale force management, and project management can be developed to enhance the functionalities and features of iPhone 4. Many developers use the official iPhone 4 Software Development Kit for developing iPhone applications.

IPhone application development is not new and many offshore companies which have been offering iPhone application for its global clients are now honing their skills and creativity in developing applications for iPhone 4. Such companies may also offer application development for other smartphones. J2ME application development is also one of the most sought after services offered by these companies. Nevertheless you can look forward to iPhone app development India for cost-effectiveness and reliability.

About Us

This article is written by a writer working at SynapseIndia an iPhone application development company offering iPhone 4 application development and J2ME application development services to worldwide clients.

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iPhone 3GS Games Development a Brief

The Apple iPhone 3GS was introduced in mid 2009 and promised to do a lot more than just offering amazing features and applications; because, even phones can simply go kaput when users run more than one application on them. So, switching from one application to another or multitasking may prove costly or worse yet, fatal for your phone; but not with the iPhone 3GS. Offering unperturbed gaming experience for the users, the iPhone 3GS games development parade has surely hit off with the right note. And since gaming is the most addictive engagement on a handheld device besides music, you can bet the games would be worth looking forward to. The iPhone 3GS games tease the taste buds of players in every genre thus increasing its popularity even further.

Yes, computer games are more exciting, given the fact that you get to dabble in front of a far bigger screen and the games are in plentiful too. However, what computer would let you bunk on your bed and relax with your favourite game under the comfort of your blanket? And the gaming experience is not so bad as well since iPhone 3GS offers mobile network accessibility so you can enjoy multiplayer games and compete with your friends. From role playing games (RPG) to arcade games, the iPhone will keep you engaged for hours with the games that you can play on it. Whats more, you can even jump to another application that would call for your urgent attention without any worries of the system slowing down.

iPhone game programming is a very active arena today with ever increasing number of game developers seeking to join hands with Apple in its success run; which is actually a good news for gamers because now they get their constant fill of the latest and the best games in the market every time a new one is out. So, no more boring moments when you have nothing to do while waiting for the bus or the train in the subway. Once you start playing you will never ever want to get out of it.

About Us

SynapseIndia is an experienced iphone mobile application development company based in India. We also have expertise in iPhone game programming that also includes iPhone 3gs games development.

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iPhone 3GS Games Development Taking Game Playing Experience to the Next Level

Apple iPhone is indeed one of the most popular smartphones in the industry. There are several applications such as music players and video players, navigation and map applications, web applications, business utility applications etc. that add to the smart features of this 3G gadget. In fact, it has been found that iPhone users love spending more time on engaging with these applications than talking on their devices. And one of the categories of application which has found mass popularity with iPhone users is game application. People of all age love games and Apple has done a great favor to game lovers by bringing the best of games to iPhone users. And with the launch of iPhone 3GS, the game playing experience on this smartphone has got even better. iPhone 3GS offers great opportunities for lovers of games and catering to the demands of such game lovers are several companies offering iPhone 3GS games development.

An iPhone game development company offers development of all kind of games for iPhones. These developers use an SDK which is a toolkit and general guideline issued by none other than Apple. And every game developer makes use of this SDK in iPhone game programming. A game developer apart from making use of this toolkit has also expertise in different technologies, frameworks and platforms, and programming languages such as Cocoa or Objective C, OpenGL, Core Graphics, AppleScript, Core Imaging, Core Audio, Core Video, Core Animation and many more. The MAC platform is commonly used for game development. Cocos2d-iPhone is an open source free framework for iPhone game development. Apart from such vast repertory of technical know-how, a game developer also has a creative side which he uses in developing game concepts and enhancing the look and feel of the game.

iPhone game development is also outsourced as it presents an opportunity for cost cutting. And catering to outsourced iPhone game applications development are quite a number of companies based in Asian countries. India is one of main outsourcing hubs for iPhone applications. Several companies in India offer iPhone and other mobile application development including BlackBerry application programming.

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This article is written by a technical writer, working at SynapseIndia, an iPhone 3gs games development company in India. We offer iPhone game programming and Blackberry application programming solutions to worldwide clients.

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